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Project Description

A tool for streamers, focused at Starcraft II at the moment.


  • Races are now saved along with player names
    • When you choose a race for a player, that race will be saved for the player shown (hence, you should set names first, THEN races)
  • Fixed an issue with moving, it should now work properly (both via the settings screen and the ctrl+M hotkey)
    • Please note that when "score increase on click" is enabled, you cant move the form on the score text (as that increases score)
  • Ability to decrease text size so you can have longer names
    • hotkeys ctrl+arrow up/down
    • menu->tools->text increase/decrease
  • Fixed an error that occured when using "score increase"
    • It should now work properly both through the menu and the hotkeys (ctrl+F5/F6)
  • Added 2 more colors (White/Brown), so the tool can be used for casting SC:BW) hotkeys are at the 9 and 0 (and naturally ctrl/alt for players)
  • Fixed the quick set feature that didnt work on player one, and messed up the race selection out of quickset as well
    • This should all now work properly
  • Quick set now remembers position (when you press "ok" on it), so you can use it on 2nd monitor
  • Added a changelog window that will pop up on new versions
  • Fixed some small graphical glitches in transparent mode (around the corners)
  • Reverted the race icons (in icon mode) back to the old ones (they were more "crisp" imho)
  • Changed some of the colors a tiny bit, to make them easier to read in "name color" mode
  • Added a link to the TL post in the about box

  • New "Quick set" form so data can be input in advance (ie. on another monitor), and then just click "Ok", and its all set up
    • Menu: Tools-> quick set
    • Hotkey ctrl+Q
  • New hotkey window that can be held open, so one can see all hotkeys (ie. on another monitor)
    • Menu: Help->Hotkey viewer
    • (I know its ugly, but its a start :)) - Theres a task on improving the UI.
  • Global hotkeys! - These will work no matter what application has focus (ie. Starcraft II)
  • Global Hotkey for clickthough: ctrlaltF12
    • This makes it so you cant click on the StreamerMatch window (so you dont accidentally click the form while playing/casting)
    • This feature only works in the transparent version (using it on the notrans one will make it dissapear on your stream!)
  • Global Hotkey for show/hide: ctrlaltF11
    • Show/hide the form (remember the hotkey, if you hide it and forget, you cant get it back (without restarting it) ;))
  • Global Hotkey for focus: ctrlaltF10
    • Hotkey to give the app focus
  • Score input now in 2 modes, a "fixed" mode (x - x) which is the old one, and a new free one, where you can type whatever in (ie. "Best of one", "Ladder 1v1", "Hi mom")
    • Hotkey in the new mode is F5
    • Hotkey in the old mode is still F5 / F6
    • "old" enabled as default
  • All race icons and race "units" have been reworked, should be easier on the eyes now (especially in "unit" mode)!
  • Added a settings screen, where you can set everything up
    • Menu: Tools -> Options
    • Settings screen includes a preview so you can see what things will look like before you select it :)
    • This is probably the biggest change, be sure to let me know if somethings not working as intended :)
  • Flashing on name/score change is added
    • Enabled as default
    • Flashing can be disabled in settings
    • Flashing on scorechange only where scoremode is in the old mode
  • Added random race as a choice :)
    • hotkey ctrlr / altr etc.
  • Added a "Clean board" feature
    • Removes races, names and resets score
    • Hotkey F12
  • Added a screenshot feature
    • Saves state of the overlay as a screenshot (BMP or JPG)
  • Added +1 win hotkey
    • hotkey ctrl+F5/F6 (for player 1 or player 2)
    • Only works with the old scoremode
    • disabled as default
  • Darkened inputboxes for names/scores
  • Added doubleclick to edit on names / scores

Changed default selections for settings, it's now as follows:
Matchup is 1v1
Color mode is names
Locations are hidden
Race images is icons
Moving is disabled and position is standard (center top on primary monitor)
Increase score on click is disabled
Textflash is enabled
Score mode is Label (the old one)

  • Added option to remove locations

Current Features (v0.1.0):

  • 1v1 & 2v2 supported
  • Names of players
  • Coloring of player names or Squares next to name (thanks for the idea Jarvs)
  • Race images as workers or race icons
  • Player location markers
  • Scoreboard
  • Auto complete of player names (remebers all input)
  • Editing the player list
  • Moving/locking or resetting position (default is center of main monitor, in the top (1 pixel down, so you can still scroll up in SC2)
  • Hotkeys for almost everything (see further down)
  • Saving of preferences (race images, 1v1/2v2 mode, color name/square, player names, hotkey mode)


  • Player names: F1-F2 (F1-F4 for 2v2 mode)
  • Score: F5-F6
  • Player colors: 1-8 (uses modifiers)
  • Player race: P,T,Z (uses modifiers)
  • Player location mode1: numpad2,4,6,8 (north, south, east, west) (uses modifiers)
  • Player location mode2: numpad1-9, /(10) {*}(11) -(12) (watch keyboard, makes sense :P) (uses modifiers)
  • Moving: ctrl+M (enable/disable)

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